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A day in the life of them crazy, crazy mars boys

Jared, Shannon, Matt and Tomo made me do it

Crazy, crazy Mars boys
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This my webcomic/art journal that I've dedicated to the ever so talented men of 30 seconds to mars! They don't know it exists, but that's ok! ^__~ I've never met them (YET, I'm going to my first concert in March LOLZIES) and that's fine too! I met them in March and it...was...AWESOME! Talk about being blown away!!! XD If you haven't seen them live, make that attempt! And if you don't have the self titled or "A beautiful lie", GET IT.
Let's introduce you to them, shall we?
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To your far left, we have the kindest, sweetest guy in the whole world who I shall one day kidnap Matt Wachter. He plays Bass! :D And video games...I bet he has the Sims, too. <.<

Next to him, is Jared Leto! He's the lead singer and also plays guitar. He's also an actor! But, er, let's not talk about his day job when he's doing music...or he will CUT you.

Next to Jared, is the ever so talented, most amazing drummer that ever existed, like...EVER, Shannon Leto! He's Jared's big brother. Did I mention how amazing I thought he was? Oh...is he my favorite? Noo, why would you think that? ;p

And last but not least, that one guy in the group who NEVER gets a mic Tomo Milicevic! He's such a wonderful guitarist. Watch him on stage sometime. He hypnotizes you when he plays! He's also quite adorable, but don't mess with him. He grew up in Detroit, ya HEARD? *cough*

If you join, expect a bit of randomness. I'm a bit crazy in the head. XD But you'll love me for it, I assure you!

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