Janelle (crazymarsboys) wrote in crazy_mars_boys,

Flash back.

Many, many moons ago, Shannon and Jared Leto were once wee little boys! (No RLY!)
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Jared, (being a natural born daredevil) often found himself on the floor sobbing because of some bruise or the other from a miscalculated leap or bound...and Shannon would always be there with stern yet comforting words, band-aids, and a helping hand.
Oh how times haven't changed. :-p

I finally admitted to myself early this morning that I was afraid to use color. Black and white drawings were my comfort zone...so, I decided to start up my paintshop (which I keep mistaking for photoshop, ARRGH!!) and make myself do a picture. ^_^ AND THANK GOD FOR ME OBSESSIVELY PRINT SCREENING, because lo and behold, painshop closed before I could save anything! For the first time EVER! *sigh*

I'm happy with it on one level or the other, which is rare since I'm always so quick to critisize myself. However, shading is lacking or doesn't make sense in some areas considering where the sunlight is coming from, but in time, I HOPE I'll pay more attention to things like that.^________^ It's a start, right?

Enjoy the weekend!
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