Janelle (crazymarsboys) wrote in crazy_mars_boys,

Oh em gee, I can update again!

LOL. Sorry. I've been having the dumbest issues with livejournal and couldn't update/read friends entries at all! It's so sad, I was like a crackhead needing a fix. *DIES* Don't act like you guys who had problems didn't keep checking!

Jared and Shannon are showing a Leto bit of brotherly love!(OMG, name pun! *SHANGUFFAW*)
It took me a little over 5 hours (I know right??!) to finish this. ^_^ Hee!
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Yay, his jacket looks jackety! It's the first two person drawing I've ever done and I'm slowly working my way up to doing all four. *Beavis and Butthead style laughter at the last 10 words of that sentence* XD

I would send it to Jared, but that...MAN wouldn't reply anyway. I guess I should go to sleep now. X_x And I'm angry again because it seems I can update but can't read anyone else's ljs, wtfRAGE!!!
Tags: jared, realism, shannon
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