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I swear, one of this things I adore about Shannon are his random facial expressions in pictures. *looks at Ney* :-p

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As for this, I guess I just felt like sketching a bit, testing out this and that. I always draw head on pictures, so if one wants to improve, you have to work on angles and perspective and the blah, blah, blah like. Shannon's head was kinda cocked to the side like a confused parakeet, so I used it for practice on that kind of angle that screwed up the last Jared picture I drew. Like the part of his hat that has that design? The way it curves? Waay off. OFF. ARRGH!

^_^; I'm going to chirp at him and ask if "Shanny wanna cracker?" when I meet him. Watch. XD
Tags: realism, shannon
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