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The fantasy...

I couldn't sleep (what's new, har, har) and decided to have a 30stm song randomly selected and played on repeat..."The fantasy" came on and I began to doodle to see what would manifest itself on the paper.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
O.o I don't know what the heck Jared did to that woman. I think she died for the fantasy, and judging from that "Oh crap..." expression on his face, he's freaking out. Well...at least that's what he told me on that collect call he made from jail.

Besiiides...It's not like Jared would do anything that could potentially harm someone in such a situation! *Looks at Echoesimmortal and giggles knowingly* As for the picture, I plan on doing over a better (perhaps realistic?)version now that I have a concept sketch at hand. :D You know, I might do this more often. See what visual 30stm songs create in my mind? So yeah. The question of the day is...would any of you die for Jared's fantasy?
Tags: 30stm, song inspiration
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i plea the fifth.

HAHA! Ask me about Shan, and I'd do the same.
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I TOTALLY remember where this is from! :cp OMG! This made my morning. Day can't be that bad now! LOVE the handcuffs ;)
*DIES* YESS! I knew it wouldn't be lost in translation to you!
<3 Thank you!
Thats really awesome.... i enjoy it!

Thank you!! You know, you didn't answer the question. *replaces Jared's name with Matt's*
So once again...
bahaha! I didn't read that until after i replied :p

I dunno, if Matt's into that kinky stuff...I have some handcuffs I could bring along XD
Or you could just borrow Jared's. ^_~
Lord knows they share just about everything. *snerk*
In response to el question:

maybe... :-O

You never cease to amaze me with your loverly drawings.

Handcuffs? No way! Where??? :-D

Ahhhh the randomness...

*tee hee* <3 Kira
You may have seen this before, but it's worth the repost!

"Handcuffs, Jared's own"
*dies* Thank you very much. I'm happy you enjoy them!
Oh yes! I have seen that picture. I marvel at it constantly... hahaha. But you are correct, it is WELL worth the re-post. I'd make good use of those puppies! hehehe...

Thanks for the *hugs* on my personal journal, I need them right now. :-/

<3 Kira

It's gorgeous!
Thank you so much, Sashi! :D
"He'd scoop you up like the woman in the picture."

LORD.................. I wish he would!
Hmm, weird. I kinda like it, but it's giving me naughty thoughts.